Martino Masotto
Elena Maria Masotto!
of Soave (VR) -Italy

Martino has a new niece! 
Come meet the newest Masotto. 

And now the news: I HAVE BECOME AN UNCLE!!!

Sunday October 2  at 10.17 pm my brother Simone's daughter Elena was born. Such an emotional thing to be there and see this little thing who started breathing only 2 hours earlier.

My sister in law Gisella is from Costarica and lives in Milan since February
1999 when she married Simone, her whole family lives in Costarica though, so I thought I would help in making her parents feel closer to her. After 2 hours the baby was born, they could see her pix on a web page I set up as quickly as I could. They could even hear the first cry of Elena.

My parents have become grandparents for the first time in their lives, I have become an uncle for the first time, my brother is a dad for his first time, Gisella is a mother for her first time, 
and we're all out of it for that.

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