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Donna & John Rullo
As of May 13, 1999

Hello to all my beautiful family,
       All is well here in Mission Viejo... Joni, Angie and Matt keep us running.  We are getting ready for Joni's graduation soon, June 5, so save the date for a huge celebration and a send off to college.  She has decided on Oregon State University for Fall 99'. She moves up there mid Sept.  Only tears of sweet excitement for our Joni, though... I believe we are sending this new generation out to make this world a better place...and yes, they do have a lot of work to do....Joni wants to study journalism and history at Oregon State.  If anyone wanted to visit her,  I couldn't recommend a more beautiful place for a getaway.
      Angie is not too far behind, she is looking at NYU or University of Colorado at Boulder. I love to see the world through their  brilliant fresh are their sights for the future. Angie is doing extremely well in school. She also just placed in highest honors in the National Guild Piano Auditions this month. Somehow I should video her fingers dancing across the piano keys and insert them on this web page.
      Matt... keeps us jumping.... baseball, basketball, keeping up with middle school assignments and social activities.  He's quite happy in the hood these days, too. A large family just moved in across the street... enough to complete the baseball team  of  6th - 9th grade boys in our culdesac is good in the MV hood - let me tell you.
      Do you want to hear about John and me ...? Our 20 year anniversary is coming up in February 2000. The years have been grrrrrrrrrrrreat.... hopefully, John will say the same..... write and give us some suggestions on places to celebrate.
      Well, thank you Mike for all the effort in making this web page.  It is a great venue for keeping in touch.

All my love to all who visit.

Christmas 1998

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