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Elizabeth & Jim Vanden Akker

Robert and Noriko were here for 12 days for a visit.  They arrived here on the 22nd of December and left 4th of January.  They both look wonderful.  They will be stationed here in California come this November.  We do not know where yet.  More likely up North.  That's okay.  I would rather drive a few hundred miles than fly a few thousand.  Robert was able to buy a new car with the money he got for reenlisting.  If you see a middle aged couple pull up in front of your house in a new 2002 Pontiac Firebird TransAm,  don't be alarmed it is just us joy riding in our sons car.  We have access to it while he is still in Japan.  YooHoo!!

Our daughter-in-law is awesome.  Robert understands her prefectly when she speaks in English.  Jim and I sometimes have a little trouble as she has a very stong accent.  If she talks slow and we listen good we can communicate.  She is a good cook too.  Robert does not starve at all.  She was evan complaining about how much he eats.  Japanese men I guess don't eat that much.

Robert and Noriko are taking some college courses on base.  I did not know this but there are colleges that open a satelite school on the military bases.  It is all free so why not.

James has graduated from College and is a substitute teacher in the Alvord Unified School District here in Riverside County.  He works just about every day and goes to a differant school each time.  He really seems to like it and they like him.  He is doing this to get his feet wet as he will have to find a job that is flexible while he goes out on his auditions.  He will have to sign up in the Los Angeles School Districts but he at least knows what he has to do.

Jim and I are fine.  Still work each day.  I have been at my new job now for 1 year.  I love it.  By the way Jim & I have a new email address.  Please send stuff to:

Bye for now. .

Love, Elizabeth

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