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Loretta & Neil Domenigoni
As of August 9. 1998

Hello all.

Well, on July 3, Neil and I finally tied the knot.  It was a nice way to complete a 5 and 1/2 year courtship.  Considering all the injuries I sustained from my dirt bike accident, and making wedding plans in the hospital, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect day.  Thank you ALL for your prayers, and patience!

The ceremony was held in St. Martha's Catholic Church's patio.  It was nice and quaint, and it was standing room only! The ceremony was beautiful and lasted about 35 minutes.  Father D'Ostillio did an excellent job officiating the event.  We had a receiving line after the ceremony and between Neil and I we knew all 400+ people.

The reception was a blast.  Everyone had plenty to eat and drink.  All the beer, wine, dinner and dessert was consumed. There were NO leftovers to speak of.  Neil and I were able to greet every table after dinner, and those we may have missed were greeted during the 2 hour dollar dance.  The band played 70's and early 80's music and they kept the dance floor groovin'.

The weather was perfect.  We couldn't have asked for more beautiful day. Everyone was dressed in their Sunday's best, including their dancing shoes! And yes,  the rumor is true: I wore sneakers!! Thank God! My feet did not hurt at all!  And we danced all night...then off to Mexico.

Our cruise ship left the LA Harbor around 4 pm.  We relaxed for the entire week.  We went snorkeling, sightseeing, shopping, etc.  We visited 3 cities: Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan, and Cabo San Lucas.  All cities were very beautiful, though Puerto Vallarta was the greenest but the most humid!!  It was a perfect honeymoon, for what felt like a perfect day!

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In case any of you are curious, Neil and I have decided to wait a couple of years to start a family.  I want to give my hip a chance to fully recover, and we want to be selfish with each other for as long as possible.  We thank EVERYONE for everything before, during, and after the accident/wedding! And for those responsible parties...the motorcycle jokes were loved by all!*

All of our love,
Loretta and Neil

Ps. Check out the wedding limericks

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