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One BIG Deal, December 4, 2000
Reviewer: Nina Yates from Woodland Hills, CA
"DEAL" is a highly entertaining, action-packed thriller, which hurls the reader at warp speed towards an inevitable collision between Roy Santana, Air Traffic Controller in the LAX cab, and the Airline Pilots in the cockpits of two passenger jets. This is a story about stress - personal and professional - and its consequences.
From the beginning, we know that something horrible will happen, and, as the countdown continues, the story line becomes increasingly charged and foreboding. The characters and their problems are palpable. We are allowed to feel compassion for the protagonist, recognizing some of his foibles in our own lives. But, we don't want to condemn Roy, we want to save him, along with the 250 people whose lives rely on his quick, professional judgment.
This drama requires aviation knowledge which the author - pilot and air traffic controller - has mastered, but he includes many soft explanations. This is a story for all of us. Next time you look up and see an aircraft, understand this: it flies due to its airworthiness and pilot expertise; its position and safety rest with ATC (Air Traffic Control).
Michael Masotto has done a superlative job in executing this drama!

Never say 'Deal!' to an Air Traffic Controller!, December 18, 2000
Reviewer: Fred 'Crash' Blechman (, a former Navy fighter pilot.
To most of us, the word 'deal' is said in a card game, or used to describe a business agreement. But to an Air Traffic Controller separating a multitude of aircraft in today's crowded skies, a 'deal' is a frightful loss of their razor thin separation! Michael Masotto's 'Deal' is a fictionalized account of one Air Traffic Controller at LAX and his unraveling personal and professional life.

From the start, the author hurls us at high speeds down busy Los Angeles freeways giving us a hint that his character's life rests on the edge of chaos and control. Soon his valiant attempt to avoid an affair with a woman pilot, whom his cool instructions saved from a wheels-up landing, only throws him amid the wrath of the her insanely jealous ex-husband. Much of the story is devoted to activity in the LAX tower, with bits of actual landing, take-off and spacing instructions given to pilots.

An Air Traffic Controller and pilot himself, the author reflects this lightning fast language used every day in FAA towers in a smooth format that aviators and laymen alike will enjoy. DEAL's 360-plus pages are fast and easy reading, not burdened with long, involved sentences or difficult words. The writing style is excellent. Profanity is held to a minimum and not used gratuitously. Sex scenes will get your heart pounding, but are not pornographic. Frequent and skillful scene changes make this book read like a television drama, inevitably leading to a real air traffic 'deal.' For a good read, this is a good deal!

Also recommended: 'Bent Wings'

I often felt part of the novel..., February 5, 2001
Reviewer: Mary Ann A. Cypress, California
I recently read, Deal, and found it to be suspenseful, "friendly," easy-to-read, and very entertaining.   I often felt a part of the novel, as it described areas with which I am familiar.  You were successful in capturing those qualities which make a book "hard to put down."

I am an avid reader and would not hesitate recommending Deal to others.

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