a Novel by
Michael Masotto
Main Characters:
Roy Santana Angela Santana
Brian Boggs Teddy Reed
Lawton Burns Sharon Miller

Roy Santana:
6' 4"
190 pound
45 years old
fairly handsome.

Roy is an air traffic controller at Los Angeles International Airport. Strong-willed and confident, he runs his personal life like the fast paced action in the control tower - very close to the edge. Yet, his struggle with a souring marriage eats away at him from the inside. On the verge of giving up on his pretty wife, Angela, Roy is confronted with an unexpected series of events and finds himself in the arms of the beautiful and successful Ms. Teddy Reed.  A few white lies lead into a full blown cover-up, but the shear idea of an affair tears at the very fabric of his soul. Urged on by his physical needs, Roy moves forward possibly beyond the point of no return. And at what cost?


Angela Santana:
5' 3"
struggling with 20 extra pounds
late thirty something
soft olive skin, simply pretty.

Roy's wife of fifteen years returned to school to finish her degree in journalism. Now, with graduation right around the corner, Angela can't decide if she wants to go back to work right away or wait until their son, Cameron (11), is a little older. The final course requirement, however, is for her to take an internship in her writing field. While Roy insists she go to work to repay her school bills, her instructor, Dr. Burns offers to mentor her in the trade both in and out of the classroom. Pressured from both men, Angela feels pushed into the work force before her time. Will she get stuck behind a desk at the local newspaper as an unknown staff writer, or are the bigger things on her horizon?


Dr. Lawton Burns:
5' 11"
145 pounds
late fifties
graying hair pulled to a tight nub of a ponytail.

Burns is Angela's Mass-Communications instructor and a very smooth talker. Every semester, he lures one of his unsuspecting students into his bed, promising them an exciting future. Burns finds the hunt for his prey every bit as exciting as bedding them, at least until the semester is over. Then he casts them off like yesterdays news. Sensing Angela's trouble at home, he manipulates her into thinking that he's there to help by arranging to get her into an apprenticeship program. Offering to mentor her along the way, Burns' ideas for his star student go far beyond any literary prose.


Teddy Reed:
6' 0" in flats
slender but not skinny
35 and holding
divorced, very attractive.

Through a divorce four years ago, Teddy received B&B Auto Parts, a failing retail business belonging to her ex-husband, Brian Boggs. Determined to be successful, she built the business from little more than a pile of rubble into a multi-million dollar endeavor. As she built the business, Teddy had nothing to do with men outside of the office. She commanded their respect and earned the reputation as the ice-woman. A successful businesswoman in a man's domain, she has no need for men on a personal level; that is, until she meets Roy, the only man she has ever allowed into her closed door life. Suddenly, Teddy finds herself as the other woman, face to face with emotions that she had long since buried.


Brian Boggs:
5' 7"
300 plus pounds
late forties
messy and unkempt.

Buried deep in the hollows of his mind, Brian Boggs harbors feelings that his ex-wife, Teddy, cheated him out of his auto parts business. His unseen hurt stays there, dormant and harmless as long as nothing, or no one, disturbs them. Boggs goes about is business, crabby, rude and unkempt- but that's just him living beneath a cool façade. Yet, Boggs is a walking time bomb waiting to explode. When faced with Teddy's new glossy catalogue, his internal grenade began its irreversible countdown ultimately exploding out of control. His madness escalates, and Boggs seeks his revenge against Teddy, thus, putting Roy in the middle of yet another life and death scenario.


Sharon Miller:
5' 5"
125 pounds dripping wet
early thirties
attractive on the inside.

A mixture of two different worlds, Sharon is the daughter of Sgt. Miller and his China-doll wife. Sharon grew up in the States as an all American girl. Now, she's a controller at LAX working on Roy's team. Her relationship with him is very close but not physical. Sharon is a sharp dresser, accentuating her two most attractive features. Her long flowing jet black hair and silky smooth legs are always properly displayed, but silk scarves and long-sleeved sweaters keep her neck and arms strictly off limits. She too, has something to hide. But how long can she keep her secret?


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