an Aviation Suspense Novel by
Michael Masotto
"Get into the mind of an air traffic controller...
... Feel the horror of a DEAL"

"The most accurate Air Traffic Story..."
JM of LAX Tower

"A gripping Techno-Thriller..."
MM of Orange County Tower

"Masotto has crafted an Aviation tale that SoCal pilot will feel right at home with..."
Pacific Flyer

Meet Roy Santana, an air traffic controller at LAX, as he races through a ten day countdown unaware that he's on a collision course with an unthinkable DEAL

Like the fast paced action in the Los Angeles Air Traffic Control Tower, Roy lives on the perilous edge of chaos and control. Heaping insurmountable tension onto an already high stress career, he wrestles with his failing marriage unaware that a day by day countdown slowly ticks away. By day minus seven, Santana finds himself in the arms of the sensuous Ms. Teddy Reed where lust beckons him onward yet rips at the very fabric of his soul. Pressures of wife, lover, and career soon become too great and by day zero, the crushing weight of two hundred fifty lives rests on the essence of Roys very breath, as hes buried in the aftermath of an unthinkable DEAL.

DEAL follows Santana's spiraling descent into the living hell where he bears Earth-shattering guilt for those who died. But is he responsible for the tragic fate of so many? Is Roy capable of getting back to the life that he once knew? And if he does, what, if anything, awaits his return?

Written with a passion for authenticity and realism, DEAL is captivating, imaginative, and terrifyingly close to home. Its memorable characters are fully developed, true to form and very believable. DEAL is nonstop reading, an extraordinary mixture of suspense, intrigue, and trials of the human spirit.

Get a taste of Deal's gripping story, its memorable characters then take the Author's Challenge

You can "Check Out" Deal at the Buena Park Library.

Deal, is made available by Xlibris
Hardcover 0-7388-2082-2
Softcover 0-7388-2083-0

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