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Michael E. Masotto

Brief about the author:

I was born in 1959 to first generation Italian immigrants. I'm a graduate of the Don Bosco Technical Institute just outside of Los Angeles, California. Fascinated with airplanes, I learned to fly in 1979 and still enjoy the thrill of high performance single engine aircraft. In 1985, I married a wonderful woman and have four beautiful children. I graduated the FAA's Air Traffic Academy in 1988 and have worked at three of  Southern California's major airports. Aside from working at an airport and writing Deal, I donate one day a week to my local elementary school where I teach in the computer lab. I chair a School District Advisory Committee, a group of parents, teachers and administrators bringing the concerns of the community to the local School Board. I'm an avid reader, enjoying the works of Crichton, Grisham and Cussler; and from time to time, I sit down with a romance novel by Taylor, Blake or Steel.

Experience I bring to the story:

I have first hand experiences of Deal's action packed venues and intricate settings. I thrive on the complexities of the aviation industry that are so much a part of Deal. From the subtle shades of a multicolored Seal Beach sunset to the thunderous roar echoing from the drag strip of the late Irwindale Raceway, I capture the essence of the landscape and bring it to life in the story. I offer the reader an intriguing insight into the workings of an air traffic control tower giving them a down to earth perspective to an otherwise mystifying job. Through carefully laid out dialogues and detailed settings, I guide the reader into the mind of an air traffic controller. I intoxicate them with the adrenaline rush of a tight squeeze play then let them experience the heart wrenching hollowness of a controller who has just had a Deal.

Future projects:

I am currently researching my next project, Time Tunnel - in search of the 1903 Wright Flyer. Due to be published Dec/2003 in connection with the centennial of flight, this will be a historical fiction novel based on man's quest for powered flight. It's present day character is an engineer at NASA's wind tunnel in Sunnyvale California, where an exact replica of the 1903 Wright Flyer is poised ready to simulate the first flight of Orville Wright. Then something mysterious happenes and the wind tunnel transported him back to 1903.

Article in the Orange County Register:

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